Terrance J. Ng

Product manager with a software engineering background, using data to create delightful user experiences and drive the business forward.

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One Kings Lane


Ecommerce site specializing in high-end furniture and home furnishings.

Associate Product Manager, Storefront

Sep 2016—Present

    • Managed the team through customer research, design, usability studies, managing external vendor relationships, development, and QA to launch a customizable upholstery program on the ecommerce platform and retail store customer experience that had a 60% improvement in conversion rate compared to the overall product assortment, then built a model to estimate the cost of expanding the product assortment
    • Drove a main navigation A/B test that informed subsequent navigational and design changes, leading to a 2% lift in overall purchase conversion and 4% lift in topline revenue
    • Led initiatives in the 2016 and 2017 holiday seasons to offer opt-in free standard shipping programs, leading to an 8% lift in total sales in 2016 over that year's trend, driven by an overall increase in productivity from opted-in customers
    • Led the team through design, usability studies, development, and QA to launch multi-option - color, size, and material - product pages to support a major partnership with Ralph Lauren Home
    • Strategically drove the discovery, documentation, and prioritization of work for a complete storefront replatforming and downstream system integration between Q4 2016 and Q1 2017 after acquisition by Bed Bath & Beyond
    • Led a reimplementation of Adobe Analytics on the new storefront platform to improve customer behavior tracking

    Product Advocacy

    • Worked closely with site merchandising teams to advocate a more strategic and product-oriented approach by considering the ”why”, who the user is, and how success will be measured in order to build a minimum viable product

Senior Software Engineer, Growth

Jan 2016—Sep 2016

    • Managed the One Kings Lane Wordpress blog roadmap and managed code releases with remote consultant to support content-driven business initiatives
    • Worked with key business partners to plan and execute an A/B test to reduce customer returns and refunds
    • Worked closely with product to roadmap, execute, and analyze a ”Chat with a Designer” feature that led to $55k in sales over 4 months

    Mentorship & Growth

    • Organized Growth team sessions to expand knowledge, such as learning React and ES6
    • Mentored and managed projects designed to onboard and grow junior engineer

Software Engineer, Growth

Nov 2014—Jan 2016

    • Developed a jQuery plugin to put merchandised shoppable "hotspots" on lifestyle images across the storefront and Wordpress blog
    • Worked with product to plan and execute A/B tests to optimize email capture and onboarding experiences



Marketplace connecting those offering a monetary reward for semi-professional expertise such as auto, tech & home repair needs with trained experts.

Software Engineer

    • Worked with product to build reengagement emails, increasing open rate 200% and click-through rate 124%
    • Used Optimizely and Mixpanel to drive A/B testing of UI and UX changes resulting in increased conversion on landing pages and 2x increase in purchase rate


    • Mentored broader engineering team on real-world, pixel-perfect CSS to support their full stack feature development
    • Mentored junior engineer and designed engineering projects fit for their skill level and professional development needs

Methodology & Skills

Product Management

    • Market opportunity assessment
    • Agile processes
    • Analytics
    • Product design & user experience
    • Usability studies & user testing
    • A/B & multi-armed bandit testing

Technical Skills

    • JavaScript, HTML/CSS
    • SQL
    • JIRA
    • User stories
    • Wireframing


University of California, Berkeley


Berkeley, California

B.S., Electrical Engineering & Computer Science